"Parallel Lives" Gates  LP/CD. 2016. Pure Noise Records. Collaboration with Mike Maroney. Available  here  for purchase.
  "Sink to the Depths" Bottomfeeder  10" Vinyl EP. Good Fight Music 2016.  Collaboration with Andrew Zheng. Available  here  for purchase.
  "New Day Old Night" Rocky Catanese  LP/CD. 2015. Sniffling Indie Kids Records. 
  "Burn Bright Vol. 1" Gates & Matt Pryor  split EP 7" Vinyl Record. 2016. Overdue Collection Agency. Collaboration with Michael Lopez.
  "Bloom & Breathe" Gates   LP/CD. 2014. Pure Noise Records. Photography by Mike Maroney.
  "Life In Cycles" Vasudeva  LP/CD. 2013. Photograph by Mike Maroney.
   "Mad/Sad" Let Me Run  LP/CD. 2012. XOXO Records. Photograph by Mike Maroney.
   "Bottomfeeder"  LP. 2012 Human Blood Records. Collaboration with Andrew Zheng.
  "To Scale a Mountain" A Film In Color  CD. 2014.
   "The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home" Gates  LP/CD. 2011. Photograph by Mike Maroney.
  "You Are All You Have Left to Fear" Gates   LP/CD. 2012. Pure Noise Records. Photograph by Mike Maroney.
    "The Acoustic Things" State Champs  LP/CD. 2014. Pure Noise Records.
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